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"With Rawr Ventures, I want to invest in companies that change and advance our world. In doing so, I specifically observe start-ups that create real value through sustainability and digitalisation."

Diana zur Löwen Investor

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Rawr Ventures invests in start-ups that are in the early stage.

Founder Junto Copyright: Junto
Logo Junto
Invested since 2022

Junto is a platform which provides interactive live-trainings powered by proven business leaders and a strong network of peers.

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Founder Ostrom Copyright: Ostrom
Logo Ostrom
Invested since 2021 (Seed)

The start-up Ostrom makes the switch to green electricity as cheaply and effortlessly as possible for households in Germany. You can manage your tariffs simply with an app on your smartphone, which orchestrates to reduce one's own electricity consumption.

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Founder Nelly Copyright: Nelly
Nelly Logo
Invested since 2021 (Pre-Seed)

The start-up Nelly digitises medical practices. With Nelly, practices can manage documents, signatures and payments digitally. Nelly enables practices to manage documents, signatures and payments digitally, making life easier for patients and doctors.

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Femtasy Founder Portrait Copyright: Pink Internet GmbH
Femtasy Logo
Invested since 2018 (Pre-Seed)

The platform Femtasy. is a platform for female-pleasure. With their unique audio stories, especially women can discover their sexuality. Femtasy is a place for sensual wellbeing.

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Flooz Founder Portrait Copyright: Lamine Abdallah Cheloufi
Flooz Logo
Invested since 2019 (Pre-Seed)

With the Flooz app. content creators can interact more directly with their community and monetise content. Flooz is also active in the metaverse and crypto space. Most recently they have created their own NFTS.

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Founder Ohia Copyright: Ohia
Ohia Logo
Invested since 2021 (Pre-Seed)

The meditation studio Ohia is the ideal place to escape from the stress of everyday life and switch off with the help of meditation exercises, yoga classes or soundbaths. soundbaths. There is currently a club in Berlin-Mitte.

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Founder Endogene Bio Copyright: Endogene
Endogene Logo
Invested since 2022 (Pre-Seed)

The team from Endogene is working on a new test and diagnostic procedure for endometriosis.

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Founder Bounti Copyright: Bounti
Bounti Logo
Invested since 2022 (Pre-Seed)

With Bounti companies can provide their blue-collar employees with modern training easily and on the move.

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Founder Calvin Risk Copyright: Calvin Risk
Calvin Risk Logo
Invested since 2023 (Seed)

With Calvin Risk, organisations can manage the risk, governance and control of their AI algorithms to ensure trustworthy, compliant and responsible use.

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Founder SaintSass Copyright: SaintSass
SaintSass Logo
Invested since 2023 (Seed)

The SaintSass brand started with statement tights and is currently in the process of offering more products in this segment.

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Founder Ovom Care Copyright: Ovom Care
Ovom Care Logo
Invested since 2024 (Pre-Seed)

The Startup Ovom Care can offer artificial insemination more cheaply with AI. Patients are advised via video chat and treated in a clinic in London.

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About us

Rawr Ventures was founded in 2020 by Diana zur Löwen. The intention behind it: To invest in companies that are ahead of the mainstream and are pushing digitalisation and sustainability forward.

Diana zur Löwen Portrait

Diana zur Löwen

Investor & Founder

"I invest to advance issues that move and excite me. I also want to make the VC world more diverse & female, which is why I always try to include other women in my investments."

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